Book Club


It’s book club day! 🙂

Come on in and let’s discuss what we’ve been reading! 🙂


I bought this book over Christmas (Christmas!) and I just finished it.

(I haven’t had loads of reading free time.)

It was so good! I loved hearing how funny Lauren Graham is. It makes me want to be her friend. She seems so funny!


Last month I told you how I rediscovered how much I love Meg Cabot and this one is so funny. She is the best writer and everything is so light and fluffy and funny.

I totally recommend it!


Okay so after I caught up on the other Meg Cabot books I decided I needed to read this one. Hehe


I sometimes forget how much I enjoy Jennifer Weiner books. She’s an awesome writer and her books are always something I find myself nodding in agreement or laughing about.

This one is about many different facets of motherhood.  I loved all the characters and their individual complexities. It was so good. I definitely recommend it as a fun read.

A bunch of new books were loaded up on my Kindle, so I should have lots of good stuff to share next month! 🙂

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