Friday Favorites


It’s Friday!! 🙂

My usual Friday Favorites people are taking a break to mourn the passing of their friend. My thoughts and prayers are with them and their families.

So I’m doing my own favorites this week.


Last Thursday night when I was packing for the trip to the wedding, I realized that I hated everything in my closet and I had nothing to wear.


It was weird – it’s a wedding at the end of February – I can’t wear Spring colors or a strappy summer dress. Because winter in Buffalo.

So I did what any normal person does…I got on Amazon on Friday morning and overnighted myself 2 dresses and a pair of shoes! 🙂


I ended up wearing this dress to the wedding.  It felt a little big, but it was really cute and I think that was supposed to be the style.

The bell sleeves are giant and I almost took out a whole row of chairs.


My only real beef with it is that it seems kind of short. And I was a little afraid when I put my arms up to dance or bent down to pick something up (in a ladylike manner, not just at the waist), my underwear was showing. I was assured that it didn’t, but still. It made me nervous.


I bought this dress as a backup and loved it too. So I think I’m keeping it for another party. Or wedding. Or really something else fun.


I couldn’t have possible bought an outfit without shoes, so these lovelies came to me too! 🙂

They were adorable. Fairly comfy (as comfy as my other ones). And looked super cute with the navy dress!



I get it, Corrine is totally not the girl that Nick will spend the rest of his life with and at some point he was going to have to let her go home.

But now what will I watch?!?!?

She was the best part about my week! ha!

[three] img_86041

I saw this and found it to be so funny.

If you get ashes on Ash Wednesday, you totally know what this is! haha



We talked about bathing suits on Monday and this one finally came to the house.

I love it!!!



We are visiting with some friends this weekend and I can’t wait to see them!

They are taking us to a fun new restaurant they found and just chilling out and catching up.

It’s been a few long stressful weeks of work, so a little break with some fun peeps should be just the ticket we need!



I cannot stop watching the life feed of April the Giraffe who is about to give birth.

It’s a sickness.

I check on her a few times a day.  Newsflash: we eat lunch at the same time!

The Hubster doesn’t want to hear about this anymore but I can’t stop watching it. He went so far as to YouTube another giraffe giving birth, but I told him I can’t handle it and that it’s not the same as April.

I don’t want to see her actually give birth. I just want to see the baby giraffe.

Is anyone else with me on this one?

I feel like she’s been “in labor” for like 3 weeks now. I hope it happens soon. I need to get back to regular life!!

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