Oh, Friends.  Isn’t this so true!!

Life isn’t perfect but oh, so real. Come on in and let’s catch up! 🙂


Last weekend The Hubster and I went back (again) to Buffalo for his uncle’s wedding.

We found a restaurant on the way and now we keep stopping there for dinners. I think I suggested stopping there because the elephant looked funny. But now it’s turned into a nice stopping point.


Saturday morning I had this great view with my coffee.  My sweet Hubster and his Dad making breakfast together.


Then we hit up the wedding!!

Uncle Mike and Tami looked so happy. It was really so awesome to be able to celebrate with them. I know it was quite a journey for both of them, so to see them be so happy and in love was a gift.

Then it was time to par-tay!


This guy didn’t really want to dance but he totally did anyway because he loves me and knows that there’s nothing I love more than to dance at a wedding.

No for real.

I love dancing at weddings.


Thankfully I also had my sweet sister-in-law with me who was totally good for a dance party. (I feel bad that the only good pic we have with each other is in the bathroom!!)

img_85731We had some fun late night shenanigans.


And we got to watch these 2 lovebirds have an adorable dance!


This is one of my new favorite pictures. The Hubster and his grandmother.

Nana is in the middle of a battle with Alzheimers. I don’t think she really recognizes us anymore but she’s always happy to see us and this time we have with her is so very special.

Nana is one tough lady. She was thinking of going into the convent when she met her husband at a basketball game. She was so smitten with him that she decided not to take her vows and instead date Grandpa! Adorable, right?

They went on to have 6 children and lost a daughter when she was only 3 months old. I can’t even imagine how devastating that was for them and she occasionally talks about the baby she lost.

Last year, she broke her hip and we all held our breaths because those kinds of injuries are never good for elderly people. To complicate matters, Nana is also a severe Type 1 diabetic and has some serious osteoporosis. Thankfully, she had her hip replaced without much fuss and despite the incredible swings in her blood sugar, Nana was able to happily attend her son’s wedding.

Caring for the elderly is a calling. Sadly it’s not my calling. But we have found some wonderful people who, along with my mother-in-law, are caring for Nana. It’s a blessing to have them take care of her while she is unable. And having the burden off Grandpa is also a blessing for him.


Have you guys had the crazy weather too? All this rain and warm and cold has made the driving a muddy mess. So The Hubster treated us to a car wash. The car looked so nice for a few minutes. 😉


If you could keep my dad in your prayers today. He’s having a quick surgery, so I’m spending the day with him. Love him to pieces.

That’s our life lately. It’s busy and messy and crazy. Just the way we like it! 🙂

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