Friday Favorites


It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week!!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my week’s favorites.



I mentioned on Tuesday that this guy was having surgery and I’m so happy to say that he did fantastic and is recovering very well.

The doctors were thrilled with how he did and he’s already bugging them about when he can go home and be out and about.

We are all counting our blessings and feeling so grateful to have my Grandpa.


I don’t know about you but I love Peeps. I really only eat them at Easter time and definitely stick to the original marshmallow not the flavors.

I think everyone in my family knows how much I love Peeps. (The Hubster got me a stuffed Peep for Easter one year that’s on my desk.)

So aren’t these Peep slippers awesome?

I took their picture and hope the Easter Bunny knows that I would be so happy if they showed up in my basket. hahahaha



I still can’t stop eating these Babybel cheeses. I did discover the cheddar and gouda flavored ones and let me just say that I could eat an entire bag in one sitting.

I don’t, of course.

But I did have a stressful day last week and told The Hubster that I had already had 3 that day and don’t push me to make it 4!



I told you guys all kind of fun stuff happening around here in this month’s What’s Up Wednesday.



Super funny story.

I drove back to Buffalo on Monday night after work so I could be with my Grandpa for his surgery. Around 9:30 I got hungry and stopped at McDonalds for a quick snack of french fries and to go to the bathroom.

I go up to order and realize there’s  a group of gentlemen sitting behind me just talking and hanging out.  As I order, one of the guys comes up next to me and stands there wanting to talk to the manager who is taking my order.

Manager: (looks at guy) Can I help you?

Guy: Can you let me know when it happens?

Manager: When what happens?

Guy: (total straight face and voice) Who let the dogs out?

Me: (cracks up laughing)

Guy: (walks out)

Maybe you had to be there but it was super funny. And weird.

I pretty much just grabbed my food and left.

Have a super weekend everyone! 🙂

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