Friday Favorites


Friday! 🙂

Work has been just a bear this week. Maybe every week is a bear.

But I am so happy it’s the weekend! We have no scheduled plans other than relaxing, maybe a bit of shopping, and some movie watching!

I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my week’s favorites.



My mother-in-law found this last weekend and gave it back to The Hubster. It’s his box of rocks from when he was about 7 years old!

I find this box to be so funny.

First of all, these are The Hubster’s fossils. So they were very important. So important that he had to have them separated into little baggies! Adorable. Clearly these were his prized possessions!

And what the heck is with that turkey sticker on the back? We laughed so hard when we saw that. I mean. I have no idea where he got that sticker. He can’t remember why he would have put it on this box either!

Did you have this Burger King box, too? I had a red one that I kept my crayons in.

So funny!



Aren’t these Sam Edelman Hazel Pointy Toe Pumps perfect for Valentine’s Day?

I have no where to wear them this year, but I think they’re adorable! 🙂



I opened our fridge last night and found this.

The Hubster’s latest addiction is to have a Virgin Bloody Mary at night.

Basically this means that he pours some kind of Bloody Mary mix into tomato juice or V8 and drinks it. Or, spices are added to tomato juice and he loves it.

I knew he was collecting various brands to try but I had no idea that we had 3 different mixes and 2 different juices. There’s also a plain tomato juice in the door that you can’t see.

Do you have any recommendations for others he can try? 🙂



Oh my gosh – I only recently tried Babybel cheese.


I can’t stop eating them.

For real.

I’m eating them all the time.

I know the serving size is 1 wedge. And technically I’m only eating them 1 at a time.

I’m just eating them multiple times per day.

And I wonder why my jeans feel tight.

But they are so good and I can’t stop.


So I did something last night for the first time.

I highlighted my hair!! eeeeeekkkk

It only took me 34+ years. hahaha

I was ready for a change. I need a trim and had a few silvery hairs pop in so I thought it would try something new.

One of my besties does my hair, so we talked about something not scary (ie: my hair turning orange). I had originally thought I wanted something a little more bold than I ended up with (like you can see it in a picture – lol) but I’m happy to have started with some baby steps!

I have wanted to dye my hair for years. But my mom told me that it would ruin my nice hair. My hair would turn brittle, not shiny, and just a mess that I could never fix. Of course, being the incredibly loyal and gullible daughter that I am, completely and totally believed her.

I mean it’s been a day but my hair looks okay still and hasn’t turned brittle and dull. Granted I have only had the color for 24 hours, but so far so good!

Me thinks my mama just didn’t want to pay for me to do my hair! hahah

Right now it looks like I was out in the summer sun for a few days.

I love it!


What are you guys up to this weekend?

We have some big plans for a trip to Lowe’s (it’s the weekend – where else would we go? haha), maybe breakfast out, and some relaxing.

And probably some wine and Bloody Marys. 🙂

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