Friday Favorites


Friday!! Yay!!!


I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share my week’s favorites.


As I mentioned on Wednesday, I broke the shopping hold The Hubster had placed me on and bought these two black tops.

I love them both!!!

BP. V-Neck Long Sleeve Sweater

Gibson Twist Front Cozy Fleece Pullover

I recommend that you should get them into your closet ASAP!


On Tuesday night, we had an unexpected date night!

We popped into Carmella’s Plates and Pints and had a delicious dinner. The food was so good – I had smoked tomato soup and mushroom ravioli. I’m hungry now just thinking about them! 🙂



I wrapped some fun presents last night for a birthday party this weekend. Looking forward to celebrating my god-daughter’s 3rd birthday.

Side note: how is Emma turning 3 already? Sheesh!

You can see I was catching up on The Bachelor while I wrapped because well…Taylor’s boobs got in the picture. haha



We celebrated my brother’s Airplane Day on Monday. 32 years ago I became a big sister when my parents got him off a plane from Korea.

He’s clearly my best friend, worst enemy, confidant, secret keeper, knower of all my dirty secrets, and person I torment most in the world. He’s everything a little brother should be! 🙂

Love you Danny!



This is my life truth. I have been trying to explain this to The Hubster for years.

And it’s totally proven when I find good deals! 🙂


What are you guys all up to this weekend? We’re heading to Emma’s 3rd birthday, a meat raffle (whatever that is…I’ll let you know!), my dad is being recognized as a hall-of-fame high school wrestler, and we’ll be at a Super Bowl party.

In other words, just another weekend for us. lol

Have a great weekend!

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