Throwback Thursday – Groundhog Day


Today’s Groundhog Day!

And it’s the perfect day for a throwback thursday because I can share with you when we went and visited Phil in his natural habitat – Punxsutawney, PA!

Everywhere you go in Punxy (yes, that’s it’s real nickname), there are statues of the groundhog doing his thing.

Of course I couldn’t pass up an opportunity (with my lovely sister-in-law) to post with Punxy Phil.

For the record, The Hubster hates when I do this. I think it’s funny!

I’m also dying at the fact that I wore those jeans! haha


Then we made our way down to Gobbler’s Knob where the actual ceremony happens.


Phil hangs out in this “faux” tree stump until it’s time for his debut.


I’m so glad we decided to stop in Punxsatawney. I don’t think we’ll ever really go back there, but it was a good way to spend the afternoon.

On a sad side note, the Groundhog Day movie wasn’t filmed in Punxsatawney. Sad. The hotel and most of it was filmed in Chicago. So most of the town looks nothing like the movie.

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