Target Tuesday!


Yay! It’s Target Tuesday!

Come on in and see the fun stuff I found!

Dress: Knox Rose Embroidered Cold Shoulder Dress

I thought that my gym socks added a little flavor to this outfit. haha

This dress was super cute but felt really baggy on me. I think it’s supposed to be open and flawy, but didn’t love it when it was on me. The embroidery was really nice and I like the cold shoulder part!

Dress: Women’s Embroidered Shift Dress Black/White

I thought this dress was adorable. Although I didn’t realize until I tried it on that the entire arm was open. Which I liked, but that’s not so much something I can wear to work and/or in the cold.

The back is adorable too. I really liked it.


I cannot find this top online to link.

This is not me. But I loved the flowers.

I didn’t buy it but I still think it’s adorable.

Top: Knox Rose Women’s Knit Tank With Neck Embroidery
Jeans: AEO Denim X Skinny Jean

This top was so cute. It was comfy. The embroidery was adorable. And the color was really good. I don’t think I have anything in my closet that is that color. Love it!

I have recently decided that I like plaid shirts. It might be related to the fact that everyone around here wears plaid and camo, so it’s wearing off on me.

This was was a soft material but not flannel. I can totally see myself wearing this tucked in with a cute belt and some brown boots.


Mostly I tried this shirt on to show my friend, Britt. She loves elephants and I know this super soft tee would be right up her alley!


On my way out, I found this super adorable cover up for girls.

If it came in a girls XL I would totally buy it for this summer.

I might head back and buy it for my niece thought. Mostly because it’s adorable. 🙂

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