Christmas Vacation! Part 2


Yesterday we discussed the first part of our Christmas vacation.

Wanna hear about the rest?

So I briefly alluded to the fact that we make a homemade present for one of The Hubster’s family members. At Thanksgiving every year, we throw everyone’s names in a hat and you pick one.

This year, The Hubster and I picked our brother-in-law and our nephew (his son). We thought it might be fun to make them something they could do together.

And the idea for the puppet theater was born!

We decided The Hubster would make the frame and I would make the curtains and puppets.


Meet one of the sock puppets!

I bought a bunch of socks, goggly eyes, and some pom pons and went to town. And I have to say I think they turned out so cute!


The biggest problem was the puppet theater curtain.

The Hubster had these super grandios ideas about how he wanted me to sew them.

I reminded him that despite the fact that I have a sewing machine and theoretically have the opportunity to sew all kinds of things. In fact, I can only sew in a straight line.

Let me repeat this: I can only sew in a straight line.

So the scalloped stuff he thought would be amazing. No. Not amazing.

I can only sew in a straight line.

He finally understood my limitations (and gently encouraged me to take sewing lessons).


So, without further adieu, here is our finished puppet theater! The Hubster did a fantastic job getting it done.

My brother-in-law and nephew loved it and I can’t wait to see them perform for us.

And in case you were wondering – The Hubster rigged up something for the curtain to go up and down. It was not at all related to my sewing skills! haha


Then we moved on to one of my favorite Christmas traditions – fondue!

My in-laws used to have a big fondue dinner on Christmas Eve when the kids were growing up. Now that we are all in different spots, we pick one night where we’re all in the same place and have fondue together.

It’s one of the best things we do all year. We sit down and have a long and fun meal. We laugh and joke. We reminisce. We eat delicious food and drink our favorite wine. And then we eat some more!


A fun addition this year was that a bunch of us got the Amazon Dot.

Naturally, it’s turned us into complete crazy people and we find ourselves asking Alexa a variety of questions.

“Alexa, I’ll be back.”

“Alexa, tell me the truth.”

“Alexa, who are you going to call?”

For real – ask her those things if you have one. It’s hilarious!


We babysat our niece.

Let me tell you – it was super nerve wracking.

She slept the entire time, but we watched the monitor and informed the other one what she was doing.

“She rolled over.”

“Her arm just moved.”

“Do you think she’s waking up? Her legs are kicking.”

Fear not – we will watch your child like a hawk and report on her every single move. 🙂


One night, The Hubster made these delicious steaks for my family.

They were awesome.


And then it was time to go home. 😦 Sad.

But we had smoked turkey waiting for us!


And fun New Year’s Eve plans.

We spent the night at our neighbors and had a gourmet chef cook us dinner. It was so fun and delicious and just continued the eating that we had been doing for 2 weeks!


And Christmas vacation ended on a fantastic note – a clearance event shopping spree at DSW! Can’t wait to share all my amazing finds! 🙂

Thanks for reading about our Christmas vacation. I hope you all had a nice holiday season. I’m looking forward to spending 2017 with you too!

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