Christmas Vacation! Part 1


One of the best things about my job is that we get a long break every year at Christmas. This year because Christmas fell on a Sunday, we had 2 weeks off. Plus we had January 2 off.

Say it with me peeps – I had off 17 days off of work.

That hasn’t happened since I was unemployed for a summer in 2008.

And before that – college.

It was uh-mazing.

This post is going to be jumbled. Mainly because the last 2 weeks have been a whole big mess of everything!

The Hubster and I knew that we really needed to relax this trip, so I totally “turned off.” Like I didn’t take that many pictures and mostly just chilled out.


And when I say chilled out, I mean the week before Christmas I wore pajama pants virtually every single day and watched Hallmark movies endlessly. I think I only wore real clothes one day. Okay. Maybe 2.


For real, guys. This was what I did for most of my vacation.


Before we went on Christmas break, we did a little food indulging. One of my co-workers bribed me to help him with a power point presentation for a piece of homemade cherry pie. Which is one of my super weaknesses. Let me just say – this pie did not disappoint.


Okay – this is the craziest thing ever. Apparently in 1965, a UFO landed in a town near us. On the way to a lunch, we passed the replica of the UFO.

Um….am I the only one who thinks it looks like something obscene? Or am I still in the 5th grade?

I might have laughed in the car for about 20 minutes to myself. No one else thought this acorn thing was as weird as I did. Oh well. It amused me on the trip.

We get invited to a Christmas luncheon every year and this year was not different and it did not disappoint. The people that work for the town get out their crockpots and make the most delicious food ever. We’re talking homemade ham, butter potatoes, noodles and cabbage, homemade ziti, broccoli salad, and the most adorable cake ever.

This meal basically started the Christmas gluttony.

I’m totally okay with that too!

After that lunch, we were officially on vacation. So what do sort-of-grown-up people do?


We take selfies in Lowes. hahaha

Every year The Hubster’s family picks names and we homemake the present. So in order to get this accomplished, we needed some lumber from the store. And some other fun supplies.

(More on the homemade later!)

Last year, someone gifted us a couple of Lego village sets. The Hubster has loved Lego since he was a kid and the fact that Lego was sitting in the basement has pretty much killed him for the last year.

So I promised him that one afternoon we would put them all together and we spent many (many) hours and we did it! It was actually fun and I really enjoyed doing it together. Plus, now we have this fun village!

After we spent a few days relaxing and being super lady, I decided it was time to get to work. Well, figuratively.


I’m thrilled to report that I donated 7 bags of clothes/shoes/bags to Goodwill. Now there’s more space for my 2017 clothes! hehe

Let’s discuss how one of my friends made some french onion soup and dropped some off to us.

It was delicious. I told her that I wanted to recipe, but I think secretly I just want her to keep making it for us because I think I would mess up it’s perfection.


And then the real world barged in a little bit and I had to do some CPE. No fun. But at least I did it while I was wearing Christmas pajamas and watching Hallmark movies! 😉

So quickly, it was Christmas Eve.

The Hubster and I headed out to mass. It was so full that we ended up standing outside and could barely hear. But it was nice to see so many people there. And even though it’s not always that busy, it was nice to celebrate with so many people.

After mass, we headed to our neighbor’s house for some partying. We drank some wine, ate some delightful food, and had a ton of fun.


Later that night, we put on some matching-ish pajamas and looked at the tree and chilled out.

I just love The Hubster! He makes my heart happy.


I found us real matching jammies for Christmas day. (It happened because I’m wearing mens pajamas. lol)

We had a really great day, too. It was fun to just be together. We slept in, opened presents, and didn’t feel rushed. We took our time enjoying our new presents and watching (surprise surprise) some Hallmark Christmas!


We ended the day with some smoked turkey that was really good. The Hubster has really perfected his meat smoking skills.

Okay, this post has turned into a random mess. So I’ll end here. Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about our homemade gift and the rest of our break!

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