Stitch Fix #4


I think the Stitch Fix day is one of the best of the month.

I mean, a fun box of clothes that arrives at your house? Yes, please!!


This month, my box included a dress, 3 tops, and some pants.

Let me first say that since winter has recently arrived with a vengeance, I couldn’t try the clothes on right away because they were so cold from sitting on my porch all day!

The first thing I tried on was the Laila Jayde Salderas Hooded Cardigan. It’s an army green color which goes with so many colors. (And I have a few dresses that I can pair it with when it gets warmer out…in like 6 months.)

This was a keep. For sure. It’ll be perfect for being lazy during Christmas vacation.

The jeans are from American Eagle. I wear them all the time. 😉

Next up is Market and Spruce Mix Material Sweater in a wine color. I thought it was really cute and like that the zipper in the back shows a different material.

I didn’t keep it because it was cute but I didn’t love it. I feel like I have to love something to keep it.

I thought this Le Lis Carnival Mixed Print top was adorable, but then I saw the slits up the side and passed on it. I know it’s a new thing to have open sides, but I am not so much a fan.

I’m always wearing Liverpool Anita Skinny Pants in black. A total keep. Skinny black pants that I can wear to work, for a night out, or just hanging out at a friend’s house. Very versatile. They’re slimming too – and no one ever says no to pants that slim your legs!


Finally, I tried on this Loveappella Whiteknee Knit Dress. It was a striped pattern, which is so me.

I didn’t keep this dress.

(1) I have a million dresses in this pattern already

(2) I have a dress similar to this from last month’s box

(3) This is the most unforgiving dress and you see every. single. flaw.

It’s okay, though. I’m thrilled with the cardigan and black pants!

This month’s box was good – I had some super cute stuff and some things that didn’t feel like me. That’s okay.

Not every month is gonna be a hit.

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