I know it’s after Halloween, but it’s still Fall! And since I’m just getting around to it, do you want to see my new craft creation?

I got this idea from Happy Ever Griedls and thought I would give it a try!

First I gathered my supplies. You will need mason jar screw bands, spray paint, some twine, and a cinnamon stick. My supplies came from Amazon and Lowes.

Next, I spray painted the screw bands. I sprayed each side with about 2 coats.

Since I know real pumpkins have imperfections, I wasn’t too concerned with having some of the silver show. I made sure the bands were mostly covered. You can see some showing through if you look up close, but it’s nothing I was concerned about.


Once the paint was dry, I started stringing the lids together on some twine. You have to keep them kind of together so they start to curve into your circle shape.


Once they are all together, in the shape you want, tie the twine together really tight and arrange the bands how you want them.

You can see how some paint scratched off and how some have thicker paint than others. I wasn’t too worried about it.


Here is the pumpkin all tied together!


I added some cinnamon sticks to the center and they made the cutest finishing touch.

I think this one is going to be out on my counter for a little while!

Thanks Kristi, this was so fun to make! 🙂

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