Friday Favorites


I’m linking up with ErikaNarci, and Andrea to share this week’s favorites.

And it’s even better than a regular Friday because I’m on vacation for a week!!



I’m thrilled to be celebrating these 4 veterans in my life today. They represent all the arms of the service – Army, Navy, Merchant Marines, and Marines.

Each of these men served their country at different times – from WWII to Operation Iraqi Freedom. I couldn’t be prouder to call them all family.

Happy Veterans Day to all those who have served. I hope you all know how much we love and appreciate all of you have done for us.



The Hubster and I leave for The Inn at Harbor Hill Marina for a couple days. I am SO excited. We are exhausted from work and really need this to recharge.

I have big plans to sleep, drink some wine, sleep, drink a fantastic Bloody Mary and eat some mac and cheese, sleep, read, take a good soak in a giant bathtub, and sleep some more.

Quite the taxing week I have ahead, right? 😉



I’m still dreaming about this macaroon.

I might have to stop in and have another one very soon.



This sassy little dress is on its way to me for my Christmas Open House. I think I should also be on the lookout for a pair of sparkly earrings, too.



A small little miracle happened in my kitchen on Wednesday night.

I made a perfect grilled cheese.

So for the last 34 years, I have been unable to make grilled cheese.

Sometimes I burn the bread but the cheese is perfect. Sometimes the bread is perfect but the cheese isn’t melted. Sometimes the whole freaking sandwich is so burnt that the smoke alarm goes off.

My brother makes the perfect grilled cheese. Every single time.

For years, whenever I wanted a grilled cheese, I would drive to my parents’ house and my brother would make me a grilled cheese. (The same applies to cheese quesadillas, but let’s not talk about that disaster. Or that I once went through an entire package of tortilla shells and burnt every single one of them.) I don’t live near him anymore, so I used to ask him when I would visit.

But all that changed on Wednesday night.

I made a grilled cheese. The bread was appropriately toasted. The cheese perfectly melted.

This required documentation because it may never happen again. 🙂

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