Show and Tell Tuesdays

Show and Tell Tuesday

It’s Show and Tell Tuesday! This week we’re chatting about what makes us tick…our quirks, nicknames, and phobias.

[my hair]


I have the most boring hair ever. It always looks the same.

I could blow dry it (I don’t) or let it air dry (I do, every day) and it would look the same.

I have tried flat-ironing it. It looks the same.

Don’t get me wrong – my hair is nice. It’s healthy and does mostly what I want. It’s so low maintenance.

This picture is of me. My sister-in-law insisted I try getting a blow out with her one afternoon when I visited. This is the nicest my hair has ever looked.

In. my. entire. life.

I tried to recreate it. No luck.

Good thing I took a picture to document the occasion.



The Hubster snores like a freight train almost every night. It’s compounded if he is extra tired or has more than 1 beer in the evening.

When his snoring wakes me up, I am irrationally angry. Like I can’t help it how angry I am. I know how I should take a deep breath and ask nicely for him to roll over. I just can’t.

We aren’t people that bicker and snip at each other.

Except when he wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I turn into a raging sleep-deprived monster.



I love penguins. They pretty much dominate my house in the winter months. If there is something that has a penguin on it, either I bought it or someone got it for me.

Penguins are my jam.



Something that makes zero sense is that while I love penguins, I really hate birds. They scare the crap out of me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a robin or a chicken or a peacock. I just can’t stand birds. They really freak me out.

Our friends just got 6 chickens. I saw them when they were chicks. They were cute. Now that they are full grown birds, I’m terrified of them.

I do eat eggs. But there are times when I think about how they came from a bird and then I go for a few months without eating them.

I’m aware of my weirdness.

[my morning routine]


I have a weird morning workday routine.

My alarm is set for 6:30am every morning. I hit snooze and get out of bed at 6:57am and into the shower. I’m usually done showering and brushing my teeth by 7:11am. Then I get back into bed and watch the news for 15ish minutes. Then I get out of bed, get dressed, and finish getting ready so I can leave by 7:35am.

It’s weird that I get back into bed.

I think it started when my brother used to shower and then I would have no time to get ready and my hair would be soaking wet when I ran outside to get the bus. So I used to get up earlier than him, take a shower and let my hair dry a bit before I went outside.

I grew up in Buffalo. It was cold in the winter mornings.

The Hubster doesn’t understand why I insist on getting back into bed for 10 min. Or 5 if I’m running late. But it’s part of my weird morning routine. I don’t know if I could stop doing it.


4 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesdays

  1. I get back into bed too after I shower in the morning! It’s totally because I will get up early to shower and then be done but still have loads of time before I have to leave the house. So I’ll hop back into bed for a few minutes and scroll through social media and then get up and finish getting ready.


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