Lularoe Review


I was gifted a pair of Lularoe leggings for my birthday and basically fell in love with them. Friends, it feels like you are wearing pajamas but these leggings masquerade as pants you can wear all the time. Need I say more?

These are the Classic Leggings and Classic T. These are the leggings that I got for my birthday. As you can see, they are a crazy pattern. I didn’t know if I was going to like them but then when I tried them on I realized they’re like butter and I couldn’t take them off. I bought this Classic T in hopes to match the color and it’s just a little bit off.

Sizing note on the Classic T – it runs very very big. I bought an XXS. You can see it’s not super tight on me either. I do love that this shirt is long enough to cover the important areas needing cover when wearing leggings, too.

Shirt: Caslon Relaxed Slub Knit U-Neck Tee | Nordstrom
Jean Jacket: AEO Denim Boyfriend Jacket | American Eagle
:  BP ‘Trish’ Bootie | Nordstrom

Let’s chat about the Azure skirt. I bought this as a skirt with the hopes that it would be multi-purpose and it totally is. As you can see, I wore it as a strapless dress, jean jacket, and booties. Super adorable. I also wore it as a skirt with a top and jean jacket. Also cute. I am really loving the versatility.

I also bought a set – Classic Leggings and Classic Tee. For some reason, this shirt in XXS is shorter than the one above, so I don’t know how I feel about it covering the parts that need cover. And the leggings, well I want to wear them all the time.


Finally, I did buy a basic pair of black leggings. And they don’t disappoint. For purposes of this photo, I am wearing the same shirt as above. I don’t think I would really be wearing this shirt with these leggings. It’s just not long enough. But the leggings are magical.

One of the cool things about Lularoe is that they take a pattern and make only a limited number of items. So you can find stuff at a pop-up boutique that you won’t see anywhere else. Which is pretty cool. I don’t think you can buy any of their items online, so I can’t link to them. But if you need to try them, let me know. A few of my friends sell Lularoe. And I’m really looking forward to my next party. (Which is in October :))

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