Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

Confession time.

I have a serious problem. I cannot go into a Target and spend less than $100.

I think it happened one time but I was sick and The Hubster was waiting in the parking lot honking the horn. And I don’t have a receipt to prove that was anything other than a dream sequence.

I have been assured by multiple people that this ailment is quite popular and that it affects many of them, too.

So instead of making this a secret habit, I thought I could share my love with all of you! ūüôā

Each month, I’m going to go into Target, find a bunch of things (clothes, shoes, pajamas, books, home stuff, etc.) and share it with you. I know most of you will wander around on your own, but a little show and tell never hurt anyone!


I got to Target, searched the inventory, and here’s what I found!

[outfit 1]

I saw this outfit on a model in one of the pictures hanging in the store and thought it was so cute so I scoured the women’s department finding all the clothes.

Shorts:  Chino Shorts
Tank:  Jaquard Tank Top
Vest:  Similar Denim Vest

I thought it was cuter on the model. haha Seeing the pictures makes me think the vest is cuter than it felt. It felt very early 90s. I didn’t buy anything from this outfit.

[outfit 2]


Okay – so I thought maybe the shorts might look cuter with a chambray shirt.

Shorts:  Chino Shorts
Shirt:  Lyocell Shirt РIndigo

I still didn’t love the shorts. But I bought the shirt!

The next two outfits are my new Target stuff mixed with what I have at home already.

[outfit 3]


I found this shirt on my way to the dressing room. It comes in black and purple, too, but I thought this white looked most like me. The only thing I dislike is that it is kind of sheer, so you have to wear a tank top underneath. And the sleeves are cut in a cute pattern, but it’s not conducive to tank top wearing.

Shirt: ¬†Women’s Tie Front Tank | Target
Pants:  Mid Rise Biker Trousers | Zara
Shoes:  Emmey Sandals | Steve Madden
Necklace: All the Trimmings ‚Äď Brown | Paparazzi Accessories

Before we move on from this outfit, I need to first discuss the moto jeans I’m wearing.


Yes. ¬†I’m wearing the same jeans as Princess Kate and right now they’re on sale at Zara for $19.99!

[outfit 4]


I thought this dress was so adorable and could really transition from summer to fall. The colors really work with both seasons and will look good with both a jean jacket and a cute military jacket. ¬†I’m looking for a really cute gray military jacket (the one I wanted sold out online) and that will probably work with this outfit too.

Dress:  Crochet Trim Swing Dress | Target
Boots: ‘Trish’ Bootie | Nordstrom
Sandals: Mossimo Lina Gladiator
Boots: ‘Eternul’ Over the Knee Block Heel Boot | Steve Madden
Jacket: AEO Denim Boyfriend Jacket | American Eagle

And finally I bring you:

Shopping Steal

I had been eyeing the Steve Madden Ambler sandals on the left for awhile, but I didn’t really want to spend $59.95 on them. But then I found the¬†Mossimo Lina Gladiator sandals on the right for $19.99 and I think they are just perfect. And I think they may just be on clearance now. I love shopping steals!

2 thoughts on “Target Tuesday

  1. hahaha it is a super common ailment, when I lived in the US I was really afraid of going into target cause I knew I wouldn’t be able to spend less than 100 bucks, seriously you go in looking for shampoo and when you get to the registrer it’s like WHAT?! $100?!!! But I only wanted shampoo, and then you look at your bags and oh yes, there’s more than just shampoo in them!


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