Book Club

Book Club.png

It’s Book Club day!

And I’ll be totally open – today’s book club is really an author spotlight, so come on in if you want to see one of my new favorite authors.

Stealth Ops Series Box Set: Books 1-3 by Brittney Sahin | Audiobook |

I am totally in love with the Stealth Ops Series by Brittney Sahin.

Like…they are my new book boyfriends.

(Also note – it’s totally rated R, so proceed with caution.)

This series is about a black ops type group that works on covert missions for the President.

There’s mystery. There’s some action. There’s definitely romance.

The book start with Bravo team.

And then there’s Echo team.

There’s one more book coming this summer and I can’t wait!

I’m also a little bummed that this might be it!

What are you guys reading?

I picked up a few more books for my Kindle that look really good!!

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