Carolina Beach – Part 2

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Are you all with me on the leg room on planes?

And I’m short!!

Come on in to see the rest of our trip to Carolina Beach.

We stayed at the Carolina Beach Inn.

They have some beach memorabilia on the walls and I couldn’t stop laughing at this Baywatch like picture.

Too funny.

We spent Sunday afternoon walking around the beach and looking for shells.

I left my phone inside and didn’t take any beach pics. It was quite fun and you know I can never get enough beach time in.

A lady bug flew onto my shirt before dinner and I think means something lucky is in my future!

We went to Tarantelli’s in Wilmington for dinner and you guys, I got a pasta dish that was made in a giant wheel of parmesan cheese.

I mean…

How do I get someone to make this for me at home?!?

And then it was time to head home.

Instead of driving around the island and to the airport, we took the ferry.

Um, if you’ve ever been on this ferry, then you’ll know it’s overrun with flies.


We saw a crane.

I didn’t realize their necks were so long.

Who doesn’t love ferry rides?

I mean you drive your car onto a giant boat and then you drive off.



Of course, no trip would be complete without a margarita in the airport!

I’m so glad we got to visit, celebrate my sweet niece, and get a little beach time in!

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