Favorite Things


This month’s favorite thing is The Office.

The Office's best episode is “Office Olympics.” Skip Season 1 and start  here. (VIDEO)

I can’t stop watching it.

I can’t stop laughing.

The Office': Jim's Best Pranks! | EW.com

I know that not everyone likes this show.

(Mom, I’m looking at you!)

We watched The Office when it aired originally on tv. And the next morning I would talk to all my work friends about it. We would laugh all day about the episode.

This was before DVR and On Demand and binging and I’m so old!

It’s on repeat on Comedy Central over here and we pretty much watch it every night.

The Office': Jim and Pam Were Supposed to Break Up But Creators Scratched  the Plan


I love Jim and Pam.

I was so happy they got together.

The Office: Oral history of Jim and Pam's wedding | EW.com

I love love love the wedding episode.

I might be biased because it was filmed in Niagara Falls and all the places I saw growing up were on tv!

Side note: my babysitter and former neighbor was a producer on the show! She was even in an episode!!

Kevin Malone From 'The Office' Is Cameo's Top Earner For 2020

I think every episode is my favorite.

I mean, Kevin and the chili.

25 Days of Christmas Episodes: A Benihana Christmas (The Office) - Pop  Culture Spin

The Hubster knows that I find Benihana Christmas to be one my favorites of all times and doesn’t even look at me sideways when I laugh uncontrollably.

If you’re a fan of The Office – tell me what your favorite part is!

And if you’re not a fan, let me know what your favorite show is!

2 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. The absolute BEST episode was when Dwight faked the fire, Oscar escaped through the ceiling, Angela threw the cats up…have you tried Schitt’s Creek? A very close second runner up.

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