Life Lately


I feel like we’ve been all over the place lately.

Not physically because we’re home all the time. haha

Come on in and see a little of our life lately.

My sister-in-law and her family came to visit a week ago and we had so so much fun.

My nephew brought his Nerf gun, so The Hubster got his Nerf gun out and they had an epic battle.

That went on for 3 days.

There are Nerf bullets everywhere in my house.


When I say Nerf bullets were everywhere in my house, I mean I opened my purse and found one!

While the boys were playing with Nerf guns, Lego, and video games, the girls had some fun together.

My sweet niece asked to see the shoes I wore when I got married.

I mean…you guys…she was so happy to try on all my pink shoes.

This girl was meant to be my goddaughter!

We missed celebrating some birthdays together, so The Hubster picked up an ice cream cake and it was a big hit.

Not a big hit – Auntie forgot to get birthday candles.

Giant pink tapers saved the day! lol

I found some small Color Street for tiny fingers and someone was so so happy to have pink sparky nails that were ready immediately.

Makes me wonder why we don’t do this for her more often. Half the manicure time with a small kid is making sure they don’t touch their nails while the polish dries.

OH MY GOSH. This was the best idea ever.

(don’t ask how we started talking about this because I have no idea.)

A lady behind me in line at Target told me to get glow sticks from the Dollar Store, tape them on your clothes, turn off the lights, and have a dance party.


We all had so much time arranging our glow sticks.

My brother-in-law found some good tunes.

And we danced our hearts out!

You guys have to do this with a little kid sometime soon. It was only like $10 for all these glow sticks and we had the best time.

We’re totally going to do this again.

It was so cold this past weekend, so I got cozy under a good blanket, broke out my Kindle, and read for a few hours.

My kind of Saturday afternoon!

The Hubster and I ran some errands and found this fun gastropub and we popped in for some lunch.

I had grilled cheese and tomato soup and it did not disappoint!

And that’s what’s happening around here! 🙂

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