Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to lately.

Cherry Tomatoes on the vine: GRANADA LA PALMA S.C.A - FRUIT LOGISTICA -

Eating: My sister-in-law keeps tomatoes on the vine out all the time in her house so they have something healthy to munch on when they walk by. I loved the idea because it’s so much better than mindlessly eating chips or chocolate or whatever I see is sitting on the counter.

So far we’ve eaten 2 packages!

What Is Distilled Water? | Drinking Water | Live Science

Drinking: I’m really really trying hard to drink more water every day. The Guest List: A Novel (9780062868930): Foley, Lucy: Books

Reading: I keep hearing really great things about The Guest List, so I think it’s about time I read it.

Pair View

Wanting: I know we’re after Christmas, but I so want these Uggs for next year.

I give myself another week before they get added to my cart.

j.crew: supercozy waffle henley pajama set for women, right side, view zoomed

Looking: Do I need another pair of these pajamas? They’re so comfortable.

Playing: I am LOVING Canasta and am totally down for whoever wants to come over and play with me. 50 Foot Garland for Christmas Decorations - Non-Lit Soft Green  Holiday Decor for Outdoor or Indoor Use - Premium Quality Home Garden  Artificial Greenery, or Wedding Party Decorations (Pack of 1):

Wasting: When I took the Christmas decorations down, I didn’t even both to keep the cheap garland that was on our staircase. It’s like $5.99 for a bundle and I’d rather just buy a new pack next year. : Big Dot of Happiness Cheers and Beers to 40 Years - Yard Sign  and Outdoor Lawn Decorations - 40th Birthday Party Yard Signs - Set of 8 :  Garden & Outdoor

Buying: I just ordered a bunch of yard signs for The Hubster’s birthday.

I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to set them up without him noticing.

He goes to bed way later than me (like hours later than me).

I might try to get up early and do it and hope I can sneak out without him waking up.

Stop Complaining About Flying and Look Out the Window

Wishing: I want to go somewhere!!

We’ll take anywhere at this point!

Loving: I got this rug from Ruggable right before Christmas and it’s awesome!

You can machine wash it and it was perfect for the holidays.

I want another one now for the rest of the year.

I am also not good at picking out rugs.

And lamps.

So if you are good at that – help!

WEATHER: Another sunny day in Langley – Langley Advance Times

Hoping: We’ve gotten a few sunny days here and I’m hoping that maybe winter won’t come back until next year.

Wishful thinking but a girl can hope!

Marveling: I looked at some rugs on other websites and HOLY CANNOLI rugs are expensive!

Needing: I need to get to get myself in gear and donate a bunch of clothes that are just sitting in my closet.

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