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Yikes! For as long as this year has seemed, why do I seem flabbergasted that it’s the end of November and we’re getting our stuff ready for Thanksgiving? This is the weirdest year ever.

It’s time to link up with Shay and Sheaffer to talk about What’s Up Wednesday for November.

[what we’re eating]

I ran into the store to grab a few things and noticed that we apparently love breakfast and cake! haha

Although breakfast for dinner is a regular staple around here.

[what i’m reminiscing about]


Every year, my hometown does a Christmas parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

It’s one of my favorite things to do every year.

This year it’s cancelled. and I’m really missing it.

And my nephew.

[what i’m loving]

UGG® Fluffette Slipper (Women) | Nordstrom in 2020 | Womens slippers,  Slippers, Pink ugg slippers

Since we’re spending a lot of time at home, I’m really glad that I bought these Ugg slippers.

They are extra cozy for the winter.

[what i’ve been up to]

I thought I was getting sick and I used my tried and true method to get rid of it.

I drink 1-2 fingers of the strongest whiskey/bourbon I have on hand. I then get into the shower for the longest and hottest shower I can stand. Then I bundle up into a hoodie and warm pajamas and sweat it out overnight.

I am unsure if it worked.

[what i’m dreading]

I’m not sure if we’re going to get locked down again with stay at home orders.

It’s going to be a long winter.

[what i’m working on]

How to Wrap Christmas Presents: 10 Gift-Wrapping Tips & Tricks | Hallmark  Ideas & Inspiration

I’m a wrapping machine these days!

[what i’m excited about]

Vegan Cranberry Orange Muffins (Easy + Healthy) - The Simple Veganista

Every Thanksgiving morning, my sister-in-law makes these amazing cranberry scones and we all watch the Macy’s Parade together. We are so bummed that won’t be able to spend time together this year.

But I am going to make cranberry orange muffins for us to eat while we hang out over FaceTime.

And since you know how much I love chocolate chip muffies, I bought this muffin top pan.

[what i’m watching/reading]

I’m watching all the Christmas movies. Which I will do through January.

Home Alone (1990) - IMDb

We watched Home Alone the other night and while we love that movie, I was kind of feeling bad for Marv and Harry.

I mean, my back hurt watching the torture they went through!

But also, what adult would knowingly subject themselves to that kind of madness.

I think after my hair was burned off or I stepped on a nail with my bare feet, I would have given up and gone home to take a million tablets of motrin!

Christmas at the Island Hotel: A Novel: Colgan, Jenny: 9780062911407:  Amazon.com: Books

I’ve loved all of Jenny Colgan’s Christmas books.

So I picked this one up and I’m sure I’ll love it!

[what i’m listening to]

Quiz: How much do you know about classic Christmas music?! - FM100.3 -  Better Music Better Work Day

Christmas music is in repeat over here. 🙂

[what i’m wearing]

I’m loving this new sweatshirt for Christmas. It’s super comfy and so cute!

[what i’m looking forward to]


The holidays are going to look very different for everyone this year.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what kinds of fun things The Hubster and I can do together.

We’ve never spent Thanksgiving week at home, so I’m sure the town has some fun light up night activities that we’ll get to go to.

[what else is new]

I’m decorating for Christmas and I’m so happy to have my nutcrackers back!

The gentleman on the right has a hand that keeps falling off, so I’m going to have to do a little surgery on him.

But they make me so happy!

2 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday

  1. I LOVE that picture of your cart for some reason! It made me smile.

    And I have to go put that Jenny Colgan on hold — I hadn’t seen it yet and she is a newer to me author whom I LOVE.

    Liked by 1 person

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