Tuesday Talk

Every third Tuesday, I  link up with  Fancy Ashley and Erika for Tuesday Talk.

Today, let’s chat about these 2 things that are really bugging me.

Bathroom Stalls | Creepypasta Wiki | Fandom

Why do bathroom stalls have that weird gap between the doors?

It’s not private.

And I swear some of them are so wide you can see entirely through it.

Maybe someone can invent a stall that isn’t so…exposed.

TopBine 3 Pairs Bra Pads Inserts (3 color) at Amazon Women's Clothing store

Awhile ago, I talked about how I didn’t know what to do with the maybe underwear in gym shorts.

Well…what about these sports bra cups?

I like them just fine.

But for the love of goodness, please just sew them in there.

I feel like I either have random cups that I’m not sure where they came from or they’re all bunched up and I’m sticking my fingers in a tiny hole trying to fix it so it doesn’t look stupid when I wear it.

I’m clearly very passionate about it.


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