Anniversary Weekend

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last Friday (!!) and had a really fun weekend of celebrating.

My in-laws visited on our anniversary and brought us some dinner and we watched our wedding video.

I’ll spare you a re-watch of someone else’s wedding! lol

On Saturday, The Hubster made us dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant, so we decided to dress us.

(I bought my dress for New Years Eve a few years ago and never wore it. So here’s the closest thing I could find.)

I took this picture of us balancing a bunch of tv trays and my Apple Watch.

Since it kind of worked, I’m looking forward to more of these! 🙂

I bought a pair of Louboutin’s a few years ago. They were on sale at a place going out of business and I figured that I would save them for a super fancy occasion. I always assumed it would be my brother’s wedding in like 8000 years.

But after I talked to my sister-in-law, she made me see that I should just wear the shoes.

I figured the 10th anniversary was special enough.

I walked very carefully all night because I was afraid to ruin them.

But they were super comfortable and made my so happy!!

Date night in a pandemic

Our table had a really great view of the city.

Happy 10 years Hubster! 🙂

On Sunday we took a ride and to an apple orchard and bought some treats for the week.

We love us some honey crisp apples!

The Hubster hung out with the turkeys and I stayed far away.

We bought some pumpkins, found some lunch, and I had a nice car nap on the way home.

It was a really nice way to celebrate!

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