Life Lately


I haven’t done a life lately post in awhile, so I thought I’d give you an update on what we’re up to around here.


We aren’t people that get magazines that have to be blacked out.

Apparently we are.

But it’s the bank statement.

They can’t just put it in a regular envelope like the other banks?!?!

The Hubster stopped in an Orvis for something really quick and I found this super cute Patagonia jacket.

I don’t need this but I kind of want it.

I love fires at night with friends.

They’re so cozy.

The Hubster went on a fishing trip and he had so much fun!

He’s the happiest – he was on the water with his friends on a nice day.

Life is good!

While The Hubster fished, I went to Nordstrom and indulged in a little treat!


The Nordstrom restaurant never disappoints!

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