Quarantine Monday

Quarantine Memes For Women | Fun

Well Friends, it’s mid-July now and we’re all kind of still quarantining.

If you had told me this at the end of March, I would have never ever believed you!

The Best Coronavirus Quarantine Memes Sure To Engage Some Smiles ...

Aren’t we all about here now?

So I’m curious – what are you guys doing?

We look a lot like this when we go out.

But we’re kind of limiting going out to grocery shopping, the occasional dinner out, and work.

We just found out that most of the people in our town (and based on my last grocery shopping trip, confirmed it) don’t want to wear masks or socially distance themselves from other.

So we are in the large minority of people wearing masks.

We’ve stopping socially distancing from my in-laws but my parents don’t feel comfortable getting close to others.

So I’m curious to know what it’s like in your town and home.

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