Friday Favorites

There is a lot of stuff happening in my own personal life and in the world and I took some time away to be with my family for a few days.

But I’m back today and I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.


Something made me buy these Dot’s Pretzels and THEY ARE AMAZING!

They’re totally going to be a part of my life now.


Hanging out with this girl is a highlight of any week!

She told me we were best friends.

Then she told The Hubster they were just friends, not best friends and he was behind her other friends, like George Washington.



I want a puppy.

The Hubster wants no pets ever in his life.

I send him screen shots of every puppy I see that I find cute.

He did admit that this guy was cute, but only because of his eyebrows.

So so so cute.


So part of the reason I’ve been quiet this week is because we had a fire at work.

Everyone’s fine.

A substation behind the office caught on fire and sent surges into our building, which in turn caused some electrical fires.





Something made me buy these Birkenstock’s and they are so comfortable.

I’ll be wearing them on repeat all summer for sure!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Glad everyone was OK with the fire! We “discovered” Dot’s pretzels on our Mount Rushmore trip this past falland just LOVE them! Funny enoug they were either in my Friday Favorites or my What’s Up Wednesday post last week becuase we finally found them near us at our local Tractor Supply store. It was a very happy day indeed!

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