Friday Favorites

You guys – today is my first full day back in the office.

You’d think I’d be more excited about being back out in the world, but no.

Setting the alarm clock for an hour earlier is zero fun.

Me needs lots o coffee today.

I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to share my favorite things this week.


Pinterest Engineering – Medium

I haven’t been on Pinterest in like a year.

No reason why, I just haven’t been on it.

Well I went on the other night and I can’t stop pinning and looking at stuff.

This might be why I stopped going on it.



Our Starbucks opened up and we made a stop there when we were out running errands.

I was so happy to be reunited with my Iced Vanilla Latte.

It’s the little things that make me so happy.



We had some nice weather and we decided to take the fishing boat out.

We were so happy to be on the water again.


I caught absolutely nothing.

Not even a nibble.

I think that’s how fishing goes.


But what a beautiful evening we had on the water! 🙂



You guys – I’m so happy to say I’ve done 250 rides on my Peloton.

I know I’ve had this bike for long enough that I should have done more than 250 rides, but this is exciting!

Looking forward to my next 250 rides!


We’ve been playing Yatzee at night.

Despite my trash talk that it’s a game of chance, my chances aren’t going well for me.


It’s okay – I’ll get him one of these nights. 🙂

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