Christmas House Tour


It’s Christmas Eve and what better way to celebrate than to share all of our decorations with you!

I love seeing all of your homes and wanted to invite you over to our tonight for some snack and drinks!


So you’ll note that we have a nice long garland on our front door, not the wreath from last year, because I am doing everything in my power to make sure there are not birds in my house again this year!!

If you remember, I’m terrified of birds and they came into our house because they were living on the front door wreath.


The coziest part of the house.

I was watching Home Alone and The Hubster was doing something in the corner with all of his boxes.


I added new pillows to our collection this year and I’m so happy with them!


This is a homemade creche that The Hubster’s grandpa made for us when we got married. It also had the nativity characters that his nana gave him all the years of him growing up.

And I added the mercury glass trees this year and they are my new favorite.


We added this tree into the corner of the kitchen this year and it makes me so very happy every single time I see it.

Easily the best $40 I spent at Lowes all holiday season!!


I bought this advent candle holder a few years ago and I think we need to alter it a little. The first week of advent candle leans over to the right and starts the second week of advent candle on fire. Whoops!


Do you guys have a candle like this tall red one? It’s covered in shimmery red and I’m afraid to light it.

I’m sure it’s fine, but I have fears that it will turn into an uncontrolled candle burn. lol


I added some more mercury trees to the dining room table and this morning added some taper candles to my candle holders.

I’m looking forward to eating Christmas dinner in here!



You don’t have a Peloton right next to your Christmas tree that’s half burnt out? hahaha

I think this tree is going in the garbage after Christmas because the lights are a mess and it leans over a little.


The Hubster is in charge of putting the garland on the stairs.

It’s one of those weird things that is totally his jam and he likes to have it done just so every year.


I bought this Holy Family statue from Walmart like 15 years ago the day after Christmas for $5. My mom has the exact same one.

Apparently it resembles this expensive set because people ask me all the time about it.

I just say, um, it’s from Walmart clearance. haha

Yeah, all the bathrooms are appropriately decorated!


My Hallmark store went out of business a few years ago and I got this Willow Tree scene before they closed.

It fits perfectly on my dresser.

I love how beautiful it is and seeing the Holy Family every morning.


I added a few fun decorations to the bathroom.

And apparently I just got our of the shower and didn’t smile. haha

So that’s a fun peek into the house.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Happy sleeping tonight – Santa’s on his way! 🙂

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