Target Tuesday

target tuesday

It’s Target Tuesday and that makes me happy!


How stinkin cute is this poncho?!?!

It looks super cute when paired with leggings and is really comfy.

I think it could be the perfect Thanksgiving outfit!


I had the wrong pants on for this sweater, I completely and totally acknowledge this.

I don’t know if that would have made a difference for me…this wasn’t my favorite pick of the day.


Who doesn’t love a super duper comfy sweatshirt dress?

Not me!!!

It felt a little big, but when I look at the pictures of it, I think it’s supposed to be that way.


I thought this shirt looked awesome for Christmas when it was on the hanger, but I didn’t think it was that great on me. There’s also a weird attached tank top underneath that was a giant pain to try to get your arms into.

I do have to do a GIANT shout out to these high rise jeans. Because they are fantastic.

I wasn’t really someone on the high waisted train and well after these pants, why the heck wouldn’t I wear these all the time?!?!



This cute shimmery dress will be perfect for someone’s Christmas party this year.


I’m loving this outfit.

The skirt is perfect for any holiday party. For real.

This velvety tank top totally came home with me. I have not yet decided where I’ll be wearing it, but it needed to live at my house.


You know what the tank top looks amazing paired with?!?!

The high waisted pants in red velvet!

They come in green too. Would it be too much for someone to have them in all the colors?

Asking for a friend.


The ultimate lazy outfit is here.

The top is sooo cozy and the pants are asking for you to lay on the couch.

If you buy any of these pieces, you will be very happy.

Happy Target Tuesday!! 🙂

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