Amazon on My Porch


I recently got a box that resembled this and well…The Hubster was all like, what’s that, why is that box so big?

He needs to mind his own business.

Those boxes are just starting because Christmas is coming! 😉

Come on in and see what I’ve been buying!

The Baby Bullet was on my cousin’s registry.

I’ll be totally honest – she and I aren’t super close and I don’t know if I’ll ever know if she likes it or not.

The reviews are mixed, so buy at your own risk. haha

I saw a pink keyboard and thought that I needed it in my life.

Sadly, I didn’t.

The keys felt kind of high (it would make sense if you see this keyboard) and I didn’t like typing on it.


Pink stuff obviously makes me happy.

Beopjesk Womens Halloween Raglan Shirts Fall Farm Pumpkin Thanksgiving Graphic Tees Tops (S, Navy)

Fall shirts? Yes please!

When we went to Gettysburg, I realized that I sadly do not have a good memory of US History.

It’s bad, friends. Really bad.

Like, I can’t even admit how bad.

So I bought this history textbook to brush up on some facts.

This is probably cheaper than re-doing a bunch of my education. lol

This will come as no surprise, but I have always wanted to have pink hair.

Temporary pink hair it is for me!

I’ll post some pictures when I do it!

And there you have my fun Amazon buys for this month! 🙂

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