Book Club

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It’s Book Club day! 🙂

I have read a few really good ones this month, too!

Come on in and check it out.

Image result for the perfect mother book

The Perfect Mother was my in-real-life book club and this book was a thriller for sure.

The author did a great job of keeping us on our toes because I had a complete and total wrong guess for who I thought “did it.”

It was also interesting to see all the facets of motherhood. I’m not a mother, but I can completely appreciate how hard it was for them.

Image result for only plane in the sky

I have talked about this book before and if I can ever recommend a book, it’s going to be this one.

It’s incredibly moving.

It contained stories and facts that I didn’t even know happened on September 11.

I couldn’t put this book down.

I recommended it to my mother-in-law and she felt the exact same way.

Now I’m heading to read some fun Christmas books to get into the spirit of the season! 🙂

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