#ontheloose – part 2


Oh vacation – how I love you! You’re my favorite part of life. 🙂

Come on in and hear about the rest of our Key West vacation!


My only requirement for the entire trip was to lay on a beach for a day and soak in the sun and water.

The Hubster totally delivered!


I am happiest when I’m in a climate where palm trees grow naturally!


While we were laying on the beach reading, we heard these military jets flying around over us. Since we were right near the Navy base, I didn’t think too much of it.

Until we realized they were flying super low and it was the Blue Angels practicing.

It was really cool to watch them fly in all kinds of crazy patterns and barrel rolls and super fast and low.

You can kind of see it over the palm tree in the picture above.

After a fun day of relaxing at the beach, we headed into Key West for dinner and ended up eating at Bagatelle. The food was good – I had a wedge salad and risotto. They were delish!


The next morning, I lost my everloving !@#$ when I realized that where we parked our car made me eye level to rooster.

Yes. There was a tiny scream and running.

The Hubster stayed behind to get a picture.


I got over the chickens and we boarded a water shuttle to take us to our brunch place – Latitude’s.


This was my brunch view.

It was amazing.

The food was good and quite frankly, I would eat a piece of styrofoam if I had that view each morning.


My favorite ❤


Not a bad view for vacation, huh!?


And this is the last picture that I have of us from this day.

(And since I have no good outfit selfie – tank top, shirt, shorts, earrings, sandals)

Image result for jet skis

I don’t have any pictures from the rest of the day. 😦

But imagine this is us – jet skiing.

It was a blast!

But also imagine me hanging on for dear life when the waves got super high and I got scared and was banging my face off The Hubster’s life jacket. hahaha

Also picture us hobbling off the jet ski because I was holding on for dear life.

We were a mess.

It was so much fun though!


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