#ontheloose – part 1


The Hubster and I had some vacation we had to use up before the end of our work’s fiscal year and we decided to take the last week in March off. He asked what I wanted to do and of course I said, “go to Hawaii.” He asked me again for real and we compromised on Key West!

This was such a last minute trip that we booked the hotel, 2 days before we arrived.

Yes…it was that last minute.

Since it was kind of a mess, we decided to fly into Ft. Lauderdale on Tuesday night, stay by the airport and drive to Key West on Wednesday.


We’re on the loose! (which is what we say when we’re on vacation and don’t have any work responsibilities…which turns out to be never…lol)

We landed in Ft. Lauderdale at 10:30 and by the time we got to the hotel, nothing was open so I ate some Gardetto’s snacks for dinner. And let me tell you – my stomach was not happy considering that I had just come off a bout of food poisoning. (also not fun)

We got up in the morning, I did a little bit of work and then we headed to Yardbird for lunch.

I have never been before but The Hubster and our friends keep raving about how amazing it is for lunch.

You guys…it’s life changing.

I didn’t think I was a fried chicken person…I am.

These chicken and waffles are so good. Like the chicken melts in your mouth. We also got the deviled eggs and fried green tomato and they were equally as delicious.

If you’re in Miami, you have to go eat there!


We then took a leisurely drive down to the Keys. Like we would look at the water and stop and then get back in the car and drive some more.

Totally un-Hubster like.

It was a really nice change of pace.


We checked into our hotel and because we booked last minute we were unsure what our room was going to be like.


Let’s start with the fact that we had a powder room and laundry.

A full kitchen with pots, pans, dishes, an eating area, and a living room!


A separate bedroom.


And a pretty fantastic view from our porch.

If you’re staying in Key West, I highly highly recommend the Marriott Beachside.

The property was super nice – they had an awesome pool and pool bar, the happy hour specials were really amazing, the staff was funny and crazy accommodating, and they have a shuttle that runs into town every hour, so you don’t have to worry about parking.


We got changed for dinner and to head into town and stopped at the bar where I had a Key Lime martini! 🙂

We caught the sunset from a pier in town and it was so pretty!

(I didn’t get an outfit pic – but I’m wearing this tank and these pants, which are only available in plus size right now.)

We also made our way to the Southernmost Point in the US. It’s only 90ish miles to Cuba from here.

(It’s also not the southernmost point anymore – the Navy built south of this point but you can’t get there because it’s a Naval base and national security or something.)

There is a giant line to wait in to get your picture.

I wasn’t feeling that line.

We went on the side and took our picture.


We found a little cafe for dinner and I took zero pictures and here’s why.

We all know I’m terrified of birds and chickens roam freely in Key West.

I basically sat there and ate dinner being one giant ball of anxiety while chickens and roosters walked past me all night.

It was a little bit traumatizing.

That’s all for our first part of being on the loose!

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