February Staycation

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Much like the rest of the world, February kind of kicked our butts and we weren’t really able to plan for a quick trip like we wanted.

So last weekend we decided to do a staycation.

It was amazing.

Friday night we went to the Michael Buble concert.

You know I love him.

That was the perfect kick off to the weekend!

Also – we did a lot of eating. So I think this post is mostly food. 🙂


There’s a cool restaurant kind of near us that we forget about all the time. We just happened to drive by it and popped in for dinner.


We have been missing out.

These are pork belly deviled eggs and are the most amazing.


The next morning, we went to brunch and realized we spent $20 on fresh squeezed orange juice.

We love it so much and before I realized…bam! We had each drunk 2 glasses.


The Hubster proposed driving around to see if we could find something new.

I asked for road snacks…twizzlers never disappoint!


We found this adorable covered bridge!

It was cold, so I didn’t get out to inspect further.


When we got back home, we encountered a flood in town.

There was a water main break and it was flooding really fast. So fast that the break had 6ft of water over it so they were having trouble pumping the water out to fix the break.

We realized that meant no water at home.

Have you ever had no water?

The Hubster was like, we have 3 flushes, use them wisely.

And I was all…I don’t want to waste them but I have to pee!!


Problem was resolved about 24 hours later and we were fine.


The final part of our staycation was a cooking class!

We learned how to make bacon wrapped scallops, filet with potato casserole, and red velvet brownie cake.

So amazing.

I need to make all of those again soon because delicious!

What a fun staycation! 🙂


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