Target Tuesday

target tuesday

It’s Target Tuesday!!

This week I decided we needed some good workout inspiration because I don’t know about you guys, but I’m one of the thousands of other people that has hopped on the “get in shape” bandwagon this January.


I went into my Target recently and picked up a ton of really great workout clothes and while I have zero pictures of them, I wanted to share with you!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I have a weird thing where I need my workout clothes and pajamas match.

No one ever sees them, but for some reason, this is important to me.


I love the colors on these leggings. You can wear them with black or the pink color.

And how has it taken this long for me to hop on the high waisted workout leggings train?

These babies are amazing.


Because I needed to match everything, I bought this adorable bra.

I think, in reality, this sports bra started the whole outfit.


And doesn’t this adorable shirt just make the whole outfit complete!


Um…this pattern is adorable and I love how the sides have a velvet trim on them.

You know where this is going…


I had to size up in this bra…I think it was just how it was made.

Obviously I have a purplish color shirt that goes with this getup that I can’t find online.

You should also note that these leggings are really hot when you’re working out really hard (I blame the velvet).

I highly recommend Target’s activewear this year!

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