Target Tuesday

Target Tuesday

It’s Target Tuesday!

Okay, my car isn’t working right now (it’s a whole crazy, weird, and really frustrating saga). And that means I’m completely dependent upon The Hubster to take me places.

So I did not get to a Target and instead did some online shopping.

I’m hopeful that it’s a good substitute. haha


Who doesn’t love gold heels for Christmas and New Year’s parties?

Not this girl!


I’m really hoping they have this dress in the store when I get there.

This red lacy dress will be perfect for any Christmas party.


Apparently these record players are “in” again. The Hubster and I saw some and were like, “ummm what year is this?”

Because they also had a walkman.


Am I in grade school again?

The albums are varied at each store, but I am seriously considering buying Ed Sheeran’s album on LP.



Ummm…yes please.

Home Alone game!!


And these adorable glasses will cheer up any party!

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