We just celebrated my Grandpa’s 95th birthday and it was so much fun!


I love decorating for parties, so I volunteered to do all the decorations.

I found the adorable boxes on Etsy. I contemplated asking The Hubster to make them for me, but I knew he didn’t have time.

And it was so easy to just order these ones.


I bought mason jars from Walmart and painted them with chalkboard paint.

It was so easy.


You rub the jars down with rubbing alcohol (or nail polish remover because that’s all I had) and then paint on them.

It took 2 coats of paint, but if you want a more rustic look, one coat will look like that.

Easy Peasy!


What’s a party without large balloons?


Everyone’s favorite table – the desserts!

My mom, aunt, and cousin made everything.

Minus the bowl of candy.

And I’ll tell you – I sampled everything.

You know, to make sure we didn’t serve guests anything that was bad. 😉

The party was at a local restaurant and everyone seemed to have fun mingling and catching up.


The lovely lady to my Grandpa’s right is my Aunt Irene.

She and my Grandma were best friends from the time they were 14.

The running joke is that my Grandpa met Aunt Irene at a skating party and when he saw my Grandma, Aunt Irene was history.

Just kidding.

But not really.

Even though Uncle Harry and my Grandma are both gone, it’s really great to see Grandpa and Aunt Irene continue their friendship.

My Grandpa and Aunt Irene have been friends for 70 years.

That’s pretty special.

We’re so happy she was able to come to the party and bring her sons. That was a gift my Grandpa really treasures. (Although he doesn’t say it that way. lol)


Almost all of my cousins!

I have a cousin who’s in the Navy and we aren’t totally sure where he is right now. I think he’s on a submarine in the Pacific somewhere, but he never tells us.

National security and all that stuff.

And one of my other cousin’s wife wasn’t there.

But the rest of the grandchildren were all together to celebrate 95!

It’s unknown why my brother doesn’t look happy. It could have been the 8 million pictures my mom took!

PS – my dress is here!


This just proves to me that you’re never too old to take a selfie! 😉

Happy Birthday Grandpa! We’re so lucky to have you!

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