Growing in Gratitude

Growing in Gratitude

Today I’m growing in gratitude with Fall Into Life to talk about all the thing I’ve been grateful for in October!


I will forever be grateful for whoever started In-N-Out Burger.

They’re amazing.

My cheeseburger, animal style, and well done fries are pretty much the greatest thing I’ve had to eat in a really long time.

They also ruined my ability to eat McDonalds.

We might have to make another trip to the West Coast, just to have In-N-Out Burger.


I’m grateful this month for the amazing life that The Hubster and I have been afforded.

We have the ability to go to a fund raiser and help make an impact in our community.


I’m grateful that Starbucks is everywhere and is my bestie on road trips!


Finally, I’m so grateful that I got to celebrate the 95th birthday of my Grandpa this month.

He’s such an amazing guy and I’m so grateful to have him in my every day life.

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