September Life – Part 1


September was a crazy month. I was only half home and did a lot of running around, but it was a lot of fun!


We started the month with the discovery of a new coffee and breakfast place.

For us, this is key for a Saturday morning adventure.


The Hubster decided to buy a new bike.

We aren’t really bike people.

I lied.

I’m not a bike person.

I don’t even regularly ride my Peloton. hahaha


But for him, I was a good sport and got my bike out and got the helmet on and went for a bike ride.


On one really hot day, we decided to take a ride and I insisted on a selfie.

My face is also so red from it being so hot.


I feel like my weekend always ends with a few loads of laundry.

I don’t know how to get off that schedule though.

We spent some time with this adorable little kitty and her brother on the boat.

It was kind of a cold weekend, but we all enjoyed being together.


I had the best pedicure ever.

These heated sock things are pretty much the most fantastic things ever to have been on my feet.

I need a pair of those in my life pronto.


We all enjoyed some hot dogs together.


Work had an unexpected power outage due to a weird storm, so we got sent home.

I snugged on the couch and watched an old school movie – Renaissance Man. One of my favorites.


Don’t you love my new hair?!? 🙂


I just got into doing word finds.

Anyone else?

I also started watching Jeopardy and doing puzzles.

Maybe my real age is 75.

We had great seats for a Pirates game!


Our town’s annual fall festival happens every September and I love it.

I mean, who isn’t happy eating meat that was roasted on a spit?


Yes, my town is also known as Stars Hollow. Just kidding.

I wish we had coffee that good!


Maybe I need to take the next picture of us together a little bit farther away.


So true.

Next we had a trade show to attend in Elkhart, Indiana. (It’s near South Bend, IN.)

It was an RV show, so we wanted to show some RV movies on the tv in our display.

Turns out, you can’t really buy DVDs anymore.

Which I know because I don’t really buy them anymore.

You can buy an abundance of games, but for a movie, you have to dig through the pile of them.

No thank you.


It was at Best Buy that we realized a week later, we had a Black Tie event and The Hubster had planned to buy a tux.


So it was off to Mens Warehouse.

I’ve never had to sit and wait for The Hubster. It was kind of nice!


Then we hopped in the U-Haul and headed to Indiana!

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