What’s Up Wednesday


Ummmmm, what?!? Where the heck did September go?!?

It’s the last Wednesday of the month and I’m  linking up with  Mix & Match MamaSheaffer Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo.

[what we’re eating this week]

I’m out of town for a work trade show, so we’ve been eating at Cafe Navarre – which is amazing – and having a whole lot of Starbucks! 🙂

[what i’m reminiscing about]

[what i’m loving]


I bought these Sperry Saltwater Misty Duck Boots for trade shows. We’re often outside in the cold and wet and I needed something to keep my feet warm.

These babies are amazing and my feet have been toasty all week!

And their adorable.

[what we’ve been up to]


We just took a work road trip to Indiana.

It was an uneventful trip.

Except for the beginning.

Someone (one of our co-workers) left the windows of the U-Haul down and the seats got all wet from the rain.

So we drove for 6 hours sitting on beach towels. And wet butts. haha

[what i’m dreading]

I have a meeting next week that I imagine will include some yelling and unpleasant conversations.

Zero fun.

[what i’m working on]

Christmas. Glowing fireplace, hearth, tree. Red stockings. Gifts and decorations.

I’m mentally taking an inventory of my Christmas decorations and trying to determine what else I can buy for this year. hehe

[what i’m excited about]


No joke. These Sperry Saltwater Misty Duck Boots are making me so happy.

[what i’m watching/reading]

This Is Us - Season 3

Like the rest of the country, I’m back to This is Us and crying all the tears.

The end.


I just bought Reese Witherspoon’s new cookbook and it’s adorable!

[what i’m listening to]


A few years ago, I had to do something really crazy for work.  On a Friday, afternoon,  I drove to Buffalo from Pittsburgh. On Saturday morning, I drove back to Pittsburgh. And then on Sunday, I drove back and forth to Buffalo.

I’m insane.

But during that weekend, I got hooked on Podcasts.

The first one I listened to was Serial and the story of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee. I got super addicted and listened to the entire series in the drive.

There’s a new season of Serial out and I can’t wait to listen to them!

Hopefully this time it won’t be in one weekend. 😉

[what i’m wearing]


Sweater: Lou & Grey Dolman Sweater | Loft
Jeans: AE Next Level Jeggings | American Eagle

Love this new Loft sweater. It’s lightweight so it’s perfect for a warm fall day. I might consider going back for one in another color too.

See what else I wore here!

[what i’m doing this weekend]


The Hubster just bought a new tux for a black-tie we have on Friday night.

I have no idea what I’m wearing yet. I’m sure I’ll be at the mall at 9pm on Thursday night buying a new dress.

[what i’m doing next month]


We celebrate our 8th anniversary next month!

I’m not sure how we’re going to celebrate it, but I’m sure we’ll come up with something.

[what else is new]

Life is just kind of happening around here. But it’s all good!


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