How Do You Cozy?

how do you cozy

Let’s talk about how we get cozy today with the blended blog.

I mean this weekend had fall weather!

1 – Slippers? Yes or No?


The Hubster bought me these slippers for Christmas like 10 or 11 years ago and I can’t stop wearing them.

(He also labeled them to: you, from: me and his mom thought they were from his dad and it was kind of funny when his dad was all like, um, where did those come from? Maybe Santa?!?)

They are the most comfortable slippers ever and I refuse to get rid of them.

They don’t go outside either, so I think that’s helped their longevity.

2 – What is your favorite blanket?


Everyone that comes in our house argues over who is going to use the Vera Bradley blanket.

It’s the coziest!!

3 – Thin or Thick Pillow?

Thin probably.

Sometimes I don’t use a pillow so those thick ones would hurt my neck I think.

4 – Favorite Warm Beverage


Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate is on my list from late September through February.

5 – Robe? Yes or No?


My in-laws gifted us fancy Pottery Barn robes for our wedding and I wear mine every day.

6 – Favorite Comfort Snack Foods


I love me some salt and vinegar chips!

7 – Movies or TV Series Binge?

Can’t it be both?!?! 🙂

8 – Actual pjs or leggings?

I’m a pajama weirdo – we covered that! 🙂

9 – Do you cozy up in a couch or chair?

I don’t mind either one as long as I have a warm blanket!

10 – Hoodie, T-Shirt, or Sweater?


Me…except steal The Hubster’s! 🙂


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