Growing in Gratitude

Growing in Gratitude

Today I’m growing in gratitude with Fall Into Life to talk about all the thing I’ve been grateful for in July!



I am really grateful this month that I can share in The Hubster’s love for sailing.

I really do enjoy it and know that not everyone loves being on the water like we do.

For instance, I am the only spouse of The Hubster and his siblings that doesn’t get seasick.



I love having a niece who is so girly and wants to do girly things with me, like nail polish and pink and princesses.

She’s adorable and I am really grateful that I get to spend so much time with her.



Finally – I’m grateful for coffee.

It makes the world go round! 🙂


One thought on “Growing in Gratitude

  1. I am in love with all your things this month. I have never been sailing, but it looks so peaceful! I always look forward to you linking up with me! Happy rest of July!

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