Boat Trip


After our 4th of July party and visit to DC, The Hubster and I went on a quick boating trip with my in-laws.

I think this first picture says it all – who the heck would leave me in charge of the boat!?!?


If you are a water person, there is nothing nothing better than being on the water on a nice day.

The lake was pretty calm, the sun was out, and we had some wind.

Perfect sailing conditions!


Getting some sun on the deck!

Also – maybe I need to get my teeth fixed.  Yikes!


I know you should wear a sun hat, blah, blah blah.

But they pick the funniest hats to wear!


Sunset on the water is one of my favorite times to be out.

My most favorite time to be out is during moonlight. It’s so peaceful. I love it.


Life is good on the water, Friends!

We went back into the marina to stay overnight.

In the morning, we got up and I used the marina showers.

I have to say – for public showers they were remarkably clean and private.

But I have not used a public shower since high school.

Let me reiterate: I have not had to shower in a public shower since gym class.

It felt weird. And the next morning, I just waited and used my in-law’s shower!


We had another amazing weather day and headed right into the lake.

It got warm and I hopped right in and swam around.

Best summer feeling!


This is one happy guy, right here.


This the legit sunset we saw.

So beautiful.

I get why The Hubster misses the water so much.


Before we left town to head home the next day, I convinced The Hubster to stop for some ice cream.


Me thinks he only did it so I would agree to stop at a marina to look for boats. hehe

Well played.

That was such a fun trip – can’t wait to do it again!


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