Weekend Shenanigans


The Hubster and I had a fun weekend full of family and friends.

And part of it felt remarkably similar to last weekend. 😉

I got up early on Saturday to watch the Royal Wedding.

It was amazing!!

Also, I might have fallen back asleep during part of it.





Let’s be honest – this picture is pretty much the other British royalty – Elton John and the Beckhams.

We headed back to Buffalo for the weekend and met up with some friends on Saturday night.

We ended up at a whiskey bar that was amazing.

Hanging out with Shawn and Meg was just good for my soul. We don’t get to see them nearly as much as we would like and it was fun to just chill out and catch up.


On Sunday I had the cutest lunch companion.

While The Hubster was doing some stuff with his dad, I got to play a few games of Sorry and race cars.

Spoiler: I’m much better at Sorry than I am at race cars. 😉


Then we had hot dogs again!!! 🙂

I love Ted’s Hot Dogs.

Like love them.

We got my car washed and detailed and it’s so nice inside.

The Hubster told me to be nice to it and not spill candy on the inside.

Of course I agreed.

It’s not like I ever plan to spill inside my car.

It just happens!

And then we were home and I went straight to bed.


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