Book Club


I feel like book club day for some of you is either 🙂 or 😦

Regardless, I have some good ones this month!


Oh my gosh – this book was so so so good.

I’ve read the 2 books before this one – Me Before You and After You – and this one was just as good, maybe even better.

I’m loving all the characters and I love how Louisa is finally, after 3 books, finding herself and who she is in the world.

Definitely recommend reading this one!


Yes – this book is amazing.

If you’re a fan of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, you should read this book. I really liked hearing about the behind the scenes stuff.

Some of this is obvious – they want you to be dramatic for good tv. (duh!) But I didn’t know the lengths they would go to in order to get good tv. Yikes!

I recommend this if you want to read about some juicy backstage gossip!


Note: This book is definitely rated R.

This is a sweet love story and it’s adorable and kind of impossible. These 2 people who knew each other way back when kind of try to find their way back to each other.

Totally my kind of book. But definitely for adults.

I have a bunch of really awesome books lined up for next month – hopefully I can read them! 🙂

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