Stitch Fix #18

Stitch Fix

Can you believe I’ve done 18 of these fixes already?

Come on and in see the latest one!


This fix came with 2 dresses, a necklace, and a pair of pants.

A caveat – it’s winter and my legs look like they haven’t seen the sun in, well, months.


First up is a Pixley Haydee Knit Dress and these similar shoes.

Initially I thought I wanted to keep this dress because it’s so unique but once I put it on, I didn’t think it would be a keeper. I don’t love the jersey knit material. It’s never flattering on me.

But the style was really cute.


Unfortunately for this Leota Reye Jersey Faux Wrap Dress, it fell under the same torture as the dress above. The jersey material hides nothing and there’s no way I would wear this without some industrial sized Spanx.

I have my favorite Nine West Tatianas on here.


Number one – let’s never discuss all the wrinkles on my neck again, okay? Okay.

Number two – this Bay to Baubles Iver Mini Fringe Collar Necklace is adorable and I’m super excited to have added it to my life.

Finally, I have on the Daniel Rainn Lorence Henley Blouse and Margaret M Bea Printed Skinny Pants.

Let’s talk about these pants.

They are dress pants but have an elastic waist. So it’s kind of like wearing dress pants that pull double duty as comfortable pants.


Clearly I kept those.

I wasn’t super excited about the top, so that went back.

Despite the fact that I only kept 2 pieces from this box, I’m still happy with it.


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