Life Lately


Our life lately has been full of celebrating birthdays!

Last Friday, our niece turned 2!


We celebrated with her on Saturday morning with a Tea for 2 party.

Clearly we all enjoyed the cake! haha


The Birthday Girl had so much fun and even closed her eyes before opening some of her presents!

I seriously couldn’t get over her sparkly silver shoes!!


My Grandpa was at the party and it was so great to hang out with him.

He’s one of my most favorite people in the world. I love him to bits.


We had a grown up margarita party after the tea party!


I can’t stop doing these Google Arts & Culture comparisons. (I keep getting this little Asian boy.)

I couldn’t stop laughing when my dad got George Washington.


Let’s face it. I’m still laughing about it.


It’s a long (and boring) story about why we had a rental car, but since we had one, The Hubster decided to try out the off-roading features of the Jeep.

In a parking lot of snow.

I got out of the car before something bad happened.

I took a picture and decided to distance myself from the situation.

He thought I was being boring.


Then we headed to my god-daughter’s bowling party.

She was so funny bowling.

That ramp thing is quite handy for little kids.


Happy 4th Birthday to Emma!


Here are 2 people who pretend to be good at bowling. One of us actually does fairly well. And the other one aims to get a score higher than 30.


Then we celebrated this kid’s (very) belated birthday with a dinner to McDonald’s and a trip to Barnes and Noble.

Milo was so fun to be around – he’s excited about going on a birthday adventure and was super happy to be eating chicken nuggets at MickeyD’s.

We let him pick out a book and a toy, so he chose a Pokemon book and a Ghostbuster’s car.

Excellent choices.

It was really fun to spend some time with him.

As you can see, life lately has been all about the birthdays! 🙂

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