The Laziest Week Ever


The first week of January was also a week of vacation for us. So while most people headed back to work after the holidays, we spent the week hibernating from the cold and doing basically nothing.

I’m sure you think I’m kidding, but I took a break from my pajamas to throw a New Year’s Eve party, took a picture to post on Instagram every day, and then spent more time in my pajamas.

Okay, so maybe I did a little more than that.  Come on in and see if I’m telling the truth 🙂


The last few years we’ve been ringing in the new year with our neighbors.  Last year we had a chef come and cook for us and we all had a blast.  This year, we decided to do a progressive dinner.

The Hubster and I had the main course and he wanted to smoke a turkey. The only problem with that was we couldn’t leave the smoker because it’s older and needs attention.

So we hosted the party and everyone brought their own parts (appetizers, dinner, etc).

We had so much fun and we really enjoyed spending the time with our neighbors.

I also didn’t take any other pictures this night. See my laziness is starting!

We spent New Year’s Day chilling out and watching movies/catching up on our shows.

The Hubster worked diligently on building his Saturn rocket and I tried to get Bills playoff tickets in Florida.


One of us was more successful than the other.


After hibernating for a few days, we decided to go out to dinner and I treated myself to this delicious drink!

I also tried to look for some good deals on Christmas stuff at Michaels and it had been picked over already.

I know it was super cold everywhere.


Whatever a bomb cyclone is.

So we hunkered down again. I worked on my cross stitch stocking for my niece (for Christmas 2017…oops) and The Hubster worked on another Lego kit he got for Christmas.


We did eventually get it together and went out for breakfast together.

I mean, I know my jeans were sad that I hadn’t worn them in a week.


And then we capped off our week at home with a Starbucks.

It was a really great week at home together. We didn’t get really anything done but did enjoy hanging out with each other! 🙂

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