Gift Guide – The Tiny Humans


Let’s talk about presents you’re going to need for the tiny peeps in your life.

Buying kids’ presents is probably one of my favorite things to do at Christmas. There’s always such amazing and cute things.


I am so crazy loving this s’mores pretend set from Land of Nod. It looks like it would be so fun to play pretend by a campfire during the cold winter months.


I really wish this canoe wasn’t so expensive, because I would be buying it for my niece and nephew to play in. I did, send the link to my sister-in-law, in case Santa wanted to get it!


This tea party set is so cute. I love that it’s wooden so there’s less chance of breaking.

I wanted to buy my god-daughter a tea party set last year but ended up finding a bunch of ceramic ones. And it’s never a smart idea to buy a 2 year old ceramic.


The Hubster and his dad have a super affinity for trains (and planes and automobiles and pretty much anything that moves).

So we buy a lot of train sets for the kids around us. This one is definitely a little more expensive than some of the other ones, but I can tell you from experience that it’s robust and will last little kids throwing it on the ground.


My nephew pretty much lost his mind at how great this stomp rocket is.

There may or may not be some grown ups that had fun with this particular toy, too.

So basically it’s fun for everyone! 🙂

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